Donald Trump Is Reportedly Considering to Start His Own Social Media Company to Compete With Twitter

In the days after the election, many tweets of Trump disputing the results were hidden by Twitter, which angered him

President Donald Trump is discussing with his advisers about a range of media ventures that can keep him in the spotlight ahead of the potential 2024 White House run, as per reports. He is considering beginning a new television channel or social media company for competing with those he felt betrayed him, as per several advisers.

"I think every option is on the table, for a social media to a media company to him announcing he's running for president the day he leaves," a Republican official who took part in the meetings said. The president has repeatedly discussed with the advisers plans to start a social media company for competing with Twitter.

Trump Planning to Launch News Channel

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Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in Gaffney, South Carolina February 18, 2016.

In the days after the election, many tweets of Trump disputing the results were hidden by Twitter. At a meeting a couple of months back, Trump had discussed the technology that is going to be needed for a conservative version of Twitter and how the actual platform behind Twitter will be easy to mimic, an official at the meeting mentioned.

Several apps have already started as conservative alternatives like Parler. The platform gained the most traction since the election. Trump himself can be a major advantage for a probable social media platform. He has also been considering whether to begin a news channel.

He was upset with Fox over its decision to call the election in Arizona for Biden when the result was far from clear, as per his aides. Christopher Ruddy, who is a friend of Trump and CEO of Newsmax said launching a rival news channel will be difficult. "I'm not sure the people around him appreciate the challenge that might involve. The president is an incredible draw,' Ruddy said. 'He has a huge fan base unlike any other political figure in American history," Rudy said as reported by the Daily Mail.

The president prefers platforms that give him permission to share an unfiltered message. In the future, Trump is expected to campaign on behalf of the Republican US Senate candidates in Georgia. He has not conceded the election to Joe Biden who was projected to clear the 270 Electoral College vote to win the presidency. Trump has claimed voter fraud without any evidence. "He feels like he was cheated, and he wants to run," an adviser said. A long list of Republicans are expected to line up for the White House bids in 2024 and it will not be easy for Trump.

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