Donald Trump Looked 'Weak' and 'Worried' as He Fights Coronavirus, Says Body Language Expert

The US President was taken to the military hospital after he started witnessing the symptoms of COVID-19

The US President Donald Trump wanted to show that he is in 'control' but was visibly 'weaker' during his fight with the coronavirus or COVID-19, a body language expert has said. The president gave an update about his health after getting treatment at the Walter Reed National Medical Center. He was wearing a white shirt with a blue suit and was surrounded by national flags as he sat at a polished desk. The body language expert Judi James stated that he tried to project that he is in control.

"There are several moments when Trump's signature hyperbole suggests he's in superhero mode. He insists 'I have to get back to make America great again', letting the country know that 'I have to finish that job'. He uses the word 'miracles' three times, adding that his 'therapeutics' are 'coming down from God' to raise the superhero notion," she told Mirror Online. Judi added that the president is clearly batting the deadly disease.

Trump Becoming Weak?

Donald Trump

Judi said there were undeniable and natural signs of weakness and also hesitancy behind his tone. The president's face was pale and also looked powdery. His head seemed that it was sinking towards the desk suggesting tiredness. Nut the language he used suggested there is 'worry' and the man was feeling 'less assured' than normally he does.

"There is a suggestion of masked worry, or a less assured, Trump coming from the wording of some of his statements and body language. He says he 'thinks' he's going to have a good result, and he says 'I think I'll be back soon' and the word 'probably'. All of which show an uncharacteristic lack of confidence," Judi explained.

Trump made the announcement about his health and Melania on Friday. The 74-year-old president was then later taken to the military hospital after he started showing symptoms of the deadly disease. A statement regarding his health mentioned that he was doing well and have made substantial progress.

The statement also added that he was not yet out of the woods and will be under closed monitoring while he will also do his presidential duties. With the elections a few weeks away it will be interesting to see how Trump carries on with his reelection campaign.

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