Donald Trump ignored expert warnings and strong measures were not taken to beat Coronavirus: Report

White House coronavirus task force's close source told, if strong measures were taken earlier, the severity of the pandemic could have significantly reduced in the US

White House coronavirus task force's close source has told that if strong social distancing measures were implemented earlier, the severity of the pandemic could have significantly reduced in the US. This came after White House claimed that administration and President Trump has responded correctly to the crisis.

This source said that if there were coronavirus infections spreading in the US which initially went undetected and the Trump administration lagged in nationwide testing. This came after many public health experts told that cases likely went undetected due to the lack of widespread testing, reported CNN.

Donald Trump

"If there were no infections out there, then there was nothing to mitigate...If there were infections under the radar, it might have made a difference," the source said. An adviser with White House for coronavirus outbreak response said that the President "took a gamble" citing an argument that warm weather could keep virus at bay as opposed to expert warnings.

Trump said the same on February 10, when there were few cases in US, that the coronavirus would ward off with heat with the coming of April. Many reminded this statement on April 1 on Twitter

What others told?

Vice President Mike Pence speaking to CNN on Wednesday, told that CDC and China was to blame for the delayed response to coronavirus in the US, and not Trump. The source said that Trump ignored the predictions of administration's own experts. After analysing Trump "sided with the one that said warm weather will likely slow the virus," according to the source, said the report.

Dr Michael Ryan of WHO had told last month, that the virus is driven by 'human factors,' which is 'the coming together of humans.' He cited Singapore that it was very hot and humid climate there, but disease spread before it came to control. "So we will need to wait and see," he said when it came to hot seasons affecting the virus.

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