Donald Trump condemns Kabul suicide bomb attack, calls for decisive action against Taliban

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Reuters

A suicide bomb attack on an ambulance has killed more than 102 people in Kabul, the Afghan capital, just a week after the Intercontinental Hotel attack which killed 20 people. The dreaded bomb attack took place on Saturday at a crowded police point during the busy evening hours. Soon after the attack, Taliban took the responsibility of the blast.

Following the heinous attack, US President Donald Trump has urged for a decisive action against Afghan Taliban who is now on a blood spilling spree.

"I condemn the despicable car bombing attack in Kabul today that has left scores of innocent civilians dead and hundreds injured. This murderous attack renews our resolve and that of our Afghan partners. Now, all countries should take decisive action against the Taliban and the terrorist infrastructure that supports them," said Donald Trump in a statement.

The US President also added that the cruelty of Taliban will not last long and it will be demolished soon. The American leader also made it clear that the United States is committed to building a secure Afghanistan, free from the clutches of terrorism.

Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State too condemned the attack and stated that the United States will show no tolerance for anyone who supports terrorism.

Details of the attack

The death toll is expected to rise in the coming hours as many people are severely injured. As per latest updates, 158 people are undergoing treatment in various nearby hospitals, and among them, nearly 50 are seriously injured.

Earlier, the United States has accused Pakistan of giving aid to Afghan Taliban for conducting their operations and has cut off some aid to Islamabad for helping terrorists. However, Pakistan denied the accusations and has condemned the Afghan attack. Pakistan also called for an effective cooperation among the states to eradicate terrorism.