Donald Trump calls Beto O'Rourke 'very dumb' during a massive rally in Texas

Donald Trump Rally
Twitter / Donald Trump

The enthusiasm at the arena reached an exhilarating pace as Donald Trump launched attacks against his political rivals at a massive rally held in Texas last night.

A massive crowd, approximately 30,000 people cheered as the President launched vicious insults against the Democrat politicians and singled out presidential contender Beto O'Rourke for saying he ''would confiscate guns from all Americans, if elected''.

Trump labelled Beto as ''very dumb'' for pushing to confiscate guns and tax religious institutions. "Last week, a very dumb Democrat candidate for president - that's the end of him in this state - pledged to revoke the tax-exempt status of many churches and religious charities. And by the way, that was after, a few weeks ago, he said, 'Excuse me, we're gonna take your guns away.' The flailer. You remember he was flailing all over the place?" The crowd then erupted with cheers after hearing the president's words.

To combat Trump's rally, Beto held another rally at the same time and the arenas were just 14 miles apart. While Trump drew a large crowd with a packed house, there were people who couldn't get inside the arena camp outside the venue and watched the rally on the big screen. Beto drew a crowd of approximately 6,000 people.

Sadly, both Trump supporters and Beto supporters came face-to-face before and after the rallies. Beto's supporters held placards calling Trump a racist, traitor and warmonger and on the other hand, Trump supports held placards of Make America Great Again and Keep America Great 2020. Though there were instances of violence and heckling, the police managed to diffuse the situation.

Apart from mocking Beto O'Rourke, Trump also slammed Joe Biden, the media and Democrats as a whole as people who want to see the destruction of America. He attacked Joe Biden's son Hunter for being involved in the board of directors in an oil & gas company and profiting off from it, just because he was the son of the former Vice President in 2014.

In all the recent rallies, Trump shows he's all geared up for a dirty fight in the 2020 elections and will do anything it takes to be reelected.