Donald Trump is a better President than Abraham Lincoln, poll result stun political pundits

Majority of Republicans say that Donald Trump is a better President than Abraham Lincoln. The poll has stunned many political pundits

A simple question was asked to Republicans which read, ''Which Republican president was better: Donald Trump or Abraham Lincoln?'' and the majority of them, who are ordinary people, answered that Trump is by far greater and a better President than Lincoln.

The survey conducted by the Economist Magazine shows 53 percent Republicans saying Trump is a better President and 47 percent supporting Lincoln's presidency. Despite having several controversies under his belt, both before and after his presidency, Trump boasts of a solid base who never turn their backs against him.

Can't stump the Trump!

Donald Trump family at Abraham Lincoln Memorial
Instagram grab/ Ivanka Trump

For example, a C-SPAN viewer, who identified himself as Neil saying he's a Republican from Oregon, said that Trump "supersedes" Lincoln. He said during the call that, "Lincoln only freed the slaves,'' and went on saying that Trump is draining the swamp in Washington ''Yes, that's a big thing. But what Trump is doing is far greater."

Another Trump fan stated proudly that the US president is ''his guy''. The caller said, "He's my guy, and I hope to have him for another four years. When I look in a mirror, I see a man wearing the same red hat that I'm wearing."

The poll left many speechless

Donald Trump
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During a live telecast in CNN's show Inside Politics, the host John King said he was ''speechless'' when he saw the numbers right in front of him on the big screen and was at a loss for words while discussing the poll. Many political pundits couldn't wrap themselves with the poll too and were seen laughing it off while speaking on television.

Trump loves to be compared with Lincoln

Trump has praised Lincoln many times during his presidency and has touted his name at most his Make America Great Again rallies too. In a recent rally, Trump praised Lincoln's sincerity by saying, "Honest Abe. I liked Honest Abe," and a man in the front shouted, "Honest Donald!" for which Trump smiled and said "We've confirmed," and with a smile and nod the President said, "He says, 'Honest Donald.' Thank you." The crowd roared in cheers supporting the claim.