Donald Trump-Backed Candidate Alex Mooney Wins West Virginia GOP Primary

Registering a much awaited win, Rep. Alex Mooney defeated Rep. David McKinley in West Virginia's 2nd Congressional District Republican primary on Tuesday.

Mooney was backed by former U.S. president Donald Trump who had disapproved McKinley for going against the party to side with the Democrats in supporting President Joe Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Mooney's win has created a buzz on various social media platforms as Trump's followers have welcomed the decision terming it as the people's mandate against McKinley. They have called him an opportunist and have blasted McKinley for betraying people as well as Trump.

Rep Alex Mooney

People Vote Against RINOs

Some of the Trump's followers have even shared Rep Mary Miller's statement wherein she stated that she is looking forward to serving with Alex Mooney to advance President Trump's policies. Miller also stated that Mooney's victory is an indication that Republican Primary voters want to support pro-Trump, pro-second amendment conservative and in no way will they be fooled by the Swamp-funded RINOs.

However, another faction of social media followers has accused Trump of being vengeful against the Republicans who did not support him for his "whimsical claims" of election fraud and U.S. Capitol insurrection last year. The Trump detractors added that he is extending support to the candidates who sided with him in the unlawful events that he inspired last year.

According to a report published by AP News Mooney in his victory speech stated that Donald Trump loves West Virginia and West Virginia loves Donald Trump. The report further stated that Trump had called McKinley a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and had started with Mooney's endorsement as soon as Biden signed infrastructure law.

"WV rejects the establishment tonight. A reminder that the people see what is going on. David McKinley voted on the Jan. 6, against Trump and the people. The people rejected him, his vote, and his betrayal of President Trump. Alex Mooney won his place tonight," expressed a twitter user.

Another twitter user stated, "Alright, let's talk Trump endorsements tonight. There wasn't much obviously big on the card. Trump with a nice endorsement victory of normie enough GOP politician Alex Mooney, 15-20% is a solid margin in member versus member redistricting primary. Of course, ..."

A tweet read, "Hey @GOPLeader McCarthy and @LeaderMcConnell RINOs will be getting replaced with America First , either except, follow or get the hell out of the way and resign Trump-Backed Alex Mooney Defeats 'RINO' David McKinley in West Virginia Republican Primary."