'Don the con, you're fired!': Donald Trump booed at Michigan rally

The US President Donald Trump called a woman protester 'a real slob' and 'a disgusting person' at a rally in Michigan

Even as the impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump were on, he addressed a rally on December 18 in Michigan, where he faced protests.

'Don the con, you're fired!'

US President Donald Trump Pixabay

"Don the con, you're fired!" read a banner unfurled at the rally. Greatly annoyed, Trump asked that the protesters be removed. While being escorted out, the protester made a hand gesture which Trump called "a horrible gesture with the wrong finger". Another protester waved his hat at him, but the president was fixated on the woman and yelled, "Get her out. Get her out of here."

The crowd chanted "USA!", while the protesters were being removed from the venue.

He called the woman protester "a real slob" and "a disgusting person". "She'll get hell when she gets back home with mom," the often politically incorrect president said.

Trump went on to complain about the security guards being "so politically correct", as they didn't grab the protesters by their wrist to evict them. "You gotta get a little bit stronger than that, folks," he yelled, while his supporters cheered.

Trump impeached

Trump became the third US president to be impeached in the House of Representatives. Voting took place on December 18 on two charges - abuse of power and obstruction of Congress - both of which were voted affirmatively.

Trump will now face trial in the Senate, where a two-thirds majority is required to remove the president. The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to acquit him in the trial that is expected to take place early next year.