President Donald Trump's supporters were angered after a billboard in Phoenix, Arizona, showed him behind bars in an orange prison suit. It also showed Trump wearing an inmate batch that stated: "Don the Con."

The billboard that was put up on Thursday on Grand Avenue near 11th Avenue was a part of the Grand Avenue Billboard Project. It bore modified Nazi swastika as dollar symbols on either side of Trump. Under the billboard, there was a digital counter that read "Trump death clock," which showed the number of Americans died due to Covid-19 in the country.

Karen Fiorito, a California-based activist who created the billboard, called it "pretty aspirational" and said the design reflected her "fears of a Trump administration."

Don the Con billboard

"This one is my hope of what will happen afterwards; it's pretty aspirational," Fiorito told Phoenix New Times.

However, the billboard left Trump supporters angry. Some of them took to Twitter to express disdain and urged Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to take it down.

"I am appalled that you as Governor of Arizona would allow such disrespect to our President. This billboard will be taken down, I am not asking. I voted you in and you work for the people and it goes down. This goes to show just how low you are," one Twitter user wrote.

"New billboard in downtown Phoenix shows Trump behind bars in prison jumpsuit!! [Doug Ducey] ARE YOU GOING TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! [Donald Trump] -PLEASE INCLUDE DUCEY IN TREASON," tweeted another user.

A third user wrote: "If this had been done to any other person the world would be screaming bloody murder."

This is not the first time when Trump was mocked on a billboard. In October, political group Turn Texas Blue vandalized a billboard put up by right-wing PAC Turning Point Action in support of the president. Turn Texas Blue change the billboard's wording to "TAKE TRUMP TO PRISON."

The political group claimed responsibility for the change and tweeted: "Trump put up a billboard in Houston last week. We fixed it."