Dominion to Sue Trump? Voting Machine Company Drafts Letter for Ex-US President

A spokesperson of Dominion Voting System said that the company has drafted a demand letter to Donald Trump in case it pursues a lawsuit against him over election fraud defamation.

Dominion Voting System has reportedly drafted a letter for the former US President Donald Trump in case it pursues a lawsuit against him over election fraud defamation, said the company's spokesperson Michael Steel.

As reported, Steel said people who have been pushing conspiracy theories about the company have "attacked a great American company" and undermined the confidence of the countrymen in the democratic system.

According to Steel, Dominion would send letters to a "number of figures, right-wing media outlets" and others. He added that the company was making decisions on "a case-by-case basis, building as we go".

Dominion voting system spokesperson
Dominion Spokesperson Michael Steel Twitter

Will Dominion Sue Trump?

Steel was previously the chief press secretary of Republican John Boehner, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives. While talking about Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Steel told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, that he went to every microphone available, every podium, every podcast, every cable news shows to spread lies about alleged election fraud but not in a court of law.

"That is because lying in a court of law has consequences. That is why we want to get them into a courtroom where there are consequences for lies and let the American people see the truth and our court system find justice," he said.

After the result of the 2020 Presidential election came out, Trump and his close aides went on a massive campaign promoting false claims of election fraud involving Dominion voting machines. Along with Giuliani, another American attorney, Sidney Powell, who was also part of Trump's failed legal team to challenge President Joe Biden's victory, have been named in separate lawsuits for $1.3 billion.

Steel said the company felt "very good" about the prospects of winning the lawsuits. "I mean, we're looking at serious charges," he added.

When asked if Trump was getting a letter from the company, Steel said, "I believe so, yes."

Cable Networks

The MSNBC host asked Steel if he would appear on those cable networks which repeatedly hosted guests who pushed unproven theories about Dominion. In response, Steel said that Dominion is a "nonpartisan American company". Steel also added that he had appeared on Fox News on behalf of the company.

"This is an important thing. This is a nonpartisan American company. It sells to elections officials in red states and blue states, red counties and blue counties," he said.

Steel explained that since it uses a voter-verified paper ballot in states like Georgia, the company was able to go back and audit and recount again and again. "There is no way that this system could have been manipulated in the way that these folks are alleging, and we have to prove that to the American people, repair our reputation and move forward," he concluded.