Domenic Scopelliti on how he built one of Adelaide's biggest Media Agencies

Domenic Scopelliti

Young Entrepreneur Domenic Scopelliti, owns one of Adelaide's biggest media agencies Visual Domain Adelaide, taking in thousands of dollars a week and it all started from his high school class room.

At only 17 years old Domenic Scopelliti took his love for photography and making money and combined them to create a media empire. During high school Domenic worked a part-time job at a supermarket and hated it, the thought of making someone else rich is what motivated him to create something for himself.

It first began with Domenic, taking photos for friends and family at birthday parties around Adelaide. As his name and business started to get around, Domenic began hiring likeminded teenagers that wanted to learn photography, he trained them up and sent them out on jobs. In just 12 months Visual Domain Adelaide was booked out every weekend for the next year!

However, Domenic didn't stop at just events with his love for marketing and understanding of how to grow a brand using social media, he was able to work with small businesses around Adelaide and offer those social media strategies as well as photo and video content from Visual Domain Adelaide.

Visual Domain Adelaide is now the one stop shop for brand growth and social media content, as well as event photography and videography. Domenic says he is only just getting started and the team continues to grow rapidly.

"Nobody will ever understand your passion as you do," he said. He urges young entrepreneurs to turn their dream into reality by transforming their hobbies or something they love into a business.