Dogecoin Hits Dead End? Tiger King Coin Shoots Up 1,700% After Doge Investor Promotes the Cryptocurrency

There are more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies trading in the market at present time and it is close to impossible for investors to know each one of them. Hidden gems are usually brought out to the limelight by crypto influencers on social media and one such coin is Tiger King.

The Tiger King coin zoomed 1,700% in just a span of ten days after Dogecoin investor and YouTube influencer Matt Wallace promoted it claiming the coin would be the next big thing as it might be associated with the upcoming Netflix series which goes by the same name 'Tiger King'.

Tiger King Cryptocurrency Coin
Twitter / Tiger King Coin

Tiger King is trading as $Tking in the crypto market and is gaining attention in the crypto world as the coin is still in its early stages and available for less than a cent to purchase.

Wallace claimed that Tiger King coin could be mentioned in the upcoming Netflix series 'Tiger King' and the show would introduce it to millions of people around the world who have never heard about cryptocurrencies in the past and new investors are expected to pump in their money in the $Tking crypto making it zoom to newer heights after the show is released.

The influencer also claimed that the right time to invest in $Tking is 'right now 'and should be purchased before the show airs on Netflix, as post its premier, the coin would see new highs and early investors would be rewarded with heaps of returns.

Wallace also took to Twitter saying, ''I feel like $Tking (Tiger King Coin) is going to go crazy when season 2 of Tiger King comes. I am buying it up fast.''

Since then, the token is seeing steady rise with +150% in the days trade and also touched +200% in the next days trade, making it a prime investment that is rewarding its investors.

At the time of publishing, Tiger King coin was trading at $0.00003862 and is up +70% in the days trade. Based on the previous days trade, $Tking is expected to touch anywhere between +100% to +150% in the 24 hour high and low cycle.