Does OnePlus 8 Pro Feature a Cam That Can See Through Clothes? Here's All You Should Know

We wish it isn't capable to gauze through clothes of a person walking down the street

OnePlus's latest smartphone OnePlus 8 Plus Pro, has many things to go for it. For example, its impressive display, bloat-free UI, Glacial Green finish, and fast wireless charging speaks volumes for it.

However, while releasing the latest smartphone, OnePlus hasn't mentioned that a spooky easter egg resides in it. XDA famed Max Winebach has spotted the OnePlus 8 Pro camera could gauze through both soft and hard materials.

The shreds of evidence

max Winebach Tweet
Evidence of OnePlus 8 Pro camera infrared feature screengrab/IBTimes

To justify his claim. Winebach has posted a series of photographs showing how the camera could take a picture, and display the inside elements in the end results. The 5 MP custom color filter camera which can pierce through the hard plastic surface of a CCTV camera or a USB dongle.

Going one step further, AnorodiPIT has found in its detailed investigation that the infrared camera could also get through clothing materials such as a tee and read a slogan hidden inside. The report claims that the creepy camera could also gauze through dense and thick elements such as walls. But for such a substantial obstruction it can achieve it with certain materials.

Does OnePlus 8 Pro feature a see-through cam?

Worry not, OnePlus 8 Pro's camera can't help the perverts to manage through the clothes. The in-camera color filter is sensitive to infrared light and can only see through a few specific objects. AndoridPIT imaging expert Stefan Möllenhoff has explained that unlike other smartphone cameras, OnePlus 8 Pro's IR filter allows a small amount of infrared light which may change the end result to some extent.

The report explains that particular objects are transparent to a specific wavelength. Such as our body skin becomes transparent to the X-ray emission. Similarly, objects with different surfaces and colors could be transparent to individual lenses or color filters designed to achieve specific results.

So for example, the infrared camera or the color filter might see through the plastic surface of the Apple TV, remote control, or a few other objects. But it might not be capable of achieving similar results to see through the clothes of a person walking down the street. We wish it couldn't. Otherwise, it would have to face the same fortune of the Sony camcorder launched in 1998.

The spooky Sony camcorder

For the uninitiated, Sony unleashed a particular camcorder model in 1998. The camera had an infrared sensor that could literally see through the clothing of another person. Once the feature accidentally got discovered by the customer, Sony had to recall a total of 700,000 camcorders.