The Doe: Disrupting The 'Echo Chamber' With Influential Narratives

The Doe

Every industry plans to stimulate a purpose with its innovative approach and unconventional perspective of challenging the status quo in its most unique way. The world is becoming more inclined towards authenticity from news outlets and online platforms, where it has proportionately given a rise to the trend of "fake news" which has certainly hazed the relevant truth of the issues.

Amidst the highly opinionated society, The Doe is exploring unfiltered narratives to mend the broken civil discourse. Driven by the relentlessly innovative approaches, this digital platform has been anonymously inciting the broad spectrum of viewpoints for their readers while involving contentious, masked and challenging stories.

Founded by Freelance Fashion Designer and WriterTwenty-one-year-old serial entrepreneur Milan Kordestani in 2018, The Doe was initiated with a goal of shifting the creator mindset and foster the difference with hard-hitting narratives, insightful stories and honest set of narratives that encourages the improvement of craft and expression of every individual. Before the advent of the brand, the founder's idea behind writing was to give a voice to his expressions and his masked thoughts, where voicing out his values mattered to him the most. In the quest to reveal the unsaid stories of his life experiences, his relentless efforts to discover an appropriate platform for these stories failed to propel him to one, which ultimately encouraged him to build one for himself. Intending to disrupt the 'echo chamber' nature of modern news reporting and marketing, Kordestani boiled down the ways to encourage healthy debates, deep thinking and marginalized voices while aiming to bring everything to a single platform. "We aim to be a place where creatives not only can showcase their talent and foster relationships with new clients, but also learn how to improve their craft through mentorship, educational and inspirational videos, and interviews from industry creative image-makers who have paved a way in the wilderness."

The enthralling set of these articles are not just a set of a few curated topics but an entirely different strategy to elucidate their audience with inspirational thoughts and urges readers of all walks to share their own stories for consideration to unlock the ways to confront their own biases. The site is designed by the founders to reinforce the disclosure of authentic opinions, views and freely express unconventional messages through their publications. Milan shares, "There are hundreds of publications in the world, but through anonymous narratives, we think we can spark civil discourse." The monthly releases of the publications by the platform evoke natural expressions of numerous individuals who wish to uncover the unpopular stories of sparkling truth.

Apart from the online publication platform, The Doe is thriving with a purpose-driven apparel brand and pay-what-you-want business model. While the online store displays the finest collection of apparel that highlights and justifies the brand's uniqueness and speaks for its identity, the other pay-what-you-want business innovatively strives to create a membership model where anybody can contribute for a cause. One can boundlessly make efforts towards a change for society, where the brand allows the individual to make this change in the best way possible with no bias between the fraction of contributions.

Since The Doe is powerfully thriving to promote a secured platform for voicing the compelling narratives, the editorial team believes in never leaving anyone unheard. While encouraging to reveal the unbiased truths, they align their approach of releasing publications anonymously by eliminating the pressure of mentioning the names anywhere to provide a safe platform for its readers and authors of the narratives. Thus, with the diligent process of assessing the stories and narratives of the pitches, the igniting and authentic stories are successfully published with an unrevealed identity on the platform. By focusing on the maximum privacy policy and collection of bare minimum personal information, The Doe claims to retain the relevant piece of shared information with assured safety standards at every stage of the assessment process.

As a fledgling publication, The Doe is harnessing the power in communities and meaningful disclosure of conversations that ensures to evoke a striking thought and fuel up the power of challenging topics and opinions that always deserve to be heard. With an aim to remodel the broken trust between news and the population, the brand plans to thrive on retaining the creative and honest thought within you.

"While we do work with thought and opinion leaders, we do not tell them what to say, partners are encouraged to share their unfiltered opinions, positive or otherwise."