Doctors accidentally find elderly woman who never felt pain in her life

Representational image of painkillers (Pixabay) Pixabay

A new case study has included the experience of a 66-year-old Scottish woman who did not feel pain in her life. The rare condition of this woman caught the attention of doctors only after she recovered from an orthopaedic surgery without reporting any pain.

It should be noted that the Scottish woman has been living with this condition throughout her life and she believed that the absence of pain is perfectly normal for human beings.

During the time of surgery, doctors gave her a number of medications to feel numbness. However, even after consuming these drugs, she did not feel any kind of pain and it literally amused the doctors who took part in the surgical procedure.

In the study, published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, doctors revealed that the pain felt by the woman post-surgery was 0/10. The patient was later discharged from the hospital, and during follow up sessions, the Scottish woman informed doctors that she is not feeling any kind of pain, even after a typical painful surgery.

The unusual experience shared by the woman made doctors dig deep on her medical history. Doctors realized that she had never complained of any kind of pains in her life, even after surgical procedures. The woman also informed the doctors that she had a long history of painless injuries in her life, mostly caused by burns. In these times, the woman noticed her injury by smelling her burning flesh.

Researchers later checked the family history of this Scottish woman and found that none of his family members was insensitive to pain, except her son. Even though her son showed shades of pain insensitivity, it was not that intense when compared to his mother.

In the study report, researchers suggested that there could be more cases like these, which may have often gone unnoticed.