Doctor Uses Bathroom Scrubbers to Revive Patient in Indian TV Series as Netizens Go Crazy

The doctors can be seen using the scrubbers for resuscitating a patient in a hospital in the TV series

Movies and television shows in India are hard to imagine without melodramatic scenes and different types of extravaganza. Besides being melodramatic and over the top, the television soaps particularly also have a tendency to defy the laws of physics and even medical science.

In recent times, a television series from India has again proved that going by the rules of medical science is not their piece of cake. In the series, a bizarre prop can be spotted by the audience, which is used for resuscitating a patient in a hospital. It is apparently a bathroom scrubber. The doctor can be heard saying, "I cannot say anything about him, we're trying our level best," during the scene.

Scrubbers to the Rescue

Scrubbers Used to Revive Patients
Scrubbers Used to Revive Patients Twitter/R Bhaduri

The name of the show is 'Krishnakoli', which is a Bengali-language series and is telecasted on Zee TV. In the particular scene, the doctor an be seen wearing a PPE and placing the scrubbers on the patient's chest for giving him compression as he was trying to revive him. Netizens were smart enough to spot the scrubber.

Screenshots and also snippets of the scene has gone viral on social media and netizens all over the world cannot stop laughing and make fun of it. Many of the netizens shared pictures of the scene along with the image of the scrubber, which is called 'Scotch Brite'.

One of the social media users wrote, "Please start a medical training course for TV creatives... the world needs to know some basics!!!!". Another user wrote, "In this age of working from home, sometimes it can be difficult to switch from scrubbing tiles to saving a life. Anyway, the shock of seeing the scrubbers would surely have brought the patient back to life.

This kind of mishaps has happened before in a major series like the Game of Thrones, where first a coffee cup was seen in the fourth episode of the eighth season, and then a water bottle was also seen in a later episode. Netizens also made fun of both the incidents as they became the top of the discussion on social media.

This article was first published on August 22, 2020