The claw machine lip-locking scene between actor Kim Rae Won and the pretty actress Park Shin Hye has been tagged as one of the best kisses from Doctors so far. Almost half way into the serial, they are seen dropping their inhibitions and acknowledging the intensity of the relationship.

Recently, during an interview with High Cut, Rae Won opened up about the famous canoodling scene. When asked to reveal the reason behind using claw machine in such a passionate scene, the Gourmet actor replied: "I was curious as to why that was there as well. I even thought it was getting in the way, but [the writer] used it like that."

"I think it was appropriately used for a place to kiss," he chuckled.

Furthermore, Rae Won, who rose to fame in 2003 with romantic comedy series Rooftop Room Cat, also threw some light over his Kiss Expert title. Although the actor didn't seem sure on why he got the title, he added: "The angle was created by the director, and I don't worry, not even 1%, about how it will show up on screen when I'm filming a kiss scene. I think when I focus on the situation, then the angle comes out naturally."

The medical life inspired drama is currently on its 14th episode. The finale is set to air on August 23.