Doctor Falls in Love With Coronavirus Patient, Couple Gets Engaged in Egypt Hospital: Fact Check

Images from a pre-wedding photoshoot are going viral on social media as love story between coronavirus-infected patient and doctor in Egypt.

Egyptian couple
Images of Egyptian couple's pre-wedding photoshoot going viral on social media as coronavirus patient falling in love with doctor. Facebook

Photos of a patient in hospital uniform proposing to a doctor are going viral on social media with the caption "A corona patient fell in love with the doctor who treated him. He took two months after that both of them got engaged in the hospital of Egypt." But the news is fake and these are pictures of a pre-wedding shoot in Egypt.

The couple in the images are Aya Mosbah and Mohammad Fahmy. Their wedding was scheduled for March but had to be cancelled due to death of the girl's father. Another reason for postponement of the wedding was that all wedding halls in Egypt are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Love Story Between Nurse And Medical Administrator

Mosbah works as a nurse and Fahmy is a doctor in Bani Ubaid Health Center in Mansourah, Egypt. Both fell in love two years ago. Fahmy fell for Mosbah after he saw her working at the hospital. Keeping this in mind, the photographer Mohamed Selim gave the couple the idea of conducting the pre-wedding photoshoot in the hospital.

The couple agreed to the idea and rented an ICU of a private hospital in Mansoura. The couple posed for the photoshoot for an hour. No instruments in the hospital were used during the photoshoot, said Selim.

Pre-wedding photoshoot
Pre-wedding photoshoot of Aya Mosbah and Mohammed Fahmy at a hospital in Egypt. Mohamed Selim Photography Facebook page

The photos with false claims that a coronavirus-infected man fell in love with a doctor and got engaged to her have been hailed as a great love story. But the fact that it was the pre-wedding photoshoot has been slammed by netizens who called it insensitive during the pandemic.

Twitter posts with false claim:

Hospital Photoshoot Criticized

When hospitals are struggling without sufficient beds to treat coronavirus patients, the photoshoot was completely unnecessary, social media users said. Photographer Selim told the Egyptian newspaper Al Mesri Al Youm that the hospital where the photoshoot took place was a private facility and did not treat any coronavirus patients.

Selim also confirmed that Fahmy did not suffer from coronavirus and that he was healthy. They were dressed up as patient and doctor just for the photoshoot, he said.

Fahmy's Facebook page states that he was engaged to Mosbah on Oct. 4, 2018. So the claim that it is a love story between a patient and doctor is false and the man in the picture doesn't have coronavirus.

Fahmi facebook
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