Do we have a life after death? Woman claims seeing an angel after near death experience

life after death

A new testimonial published on the website of NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) is now the hottest point of debate between hardcore believers and atheists. The story details the experience of an old woman who apparently saw an angel after a near-death experience during her childhood.

The woman who reveals herself as Evelyn claims that the incident associated with the near-death experience happened in 1958 when she was a small girl. Evelyn recollected that an aftermath of flu started causing seizures on her body, and one of them literally took her life away. Now, after 60 years, Evelyn has finally spoken out about her experience after her alleged soul detached from the body.

"My body was no longer seizing, it was just limp. The doctor was doing something to me and my mother was sitting at the foot of the bed looking really worried. I think at that point, I don't remember because I began to rise above the ceiling and then I went into another realm. There was a lot of light. A young woman with long hair dressed in a beautiful, flowing whitish-blue gown was there close to me," revealed Evelyn.

As Evelyn went close to the angel, the divine entity informed her that her time is not up, and she should return back to earth.

"She emanated complete, loving kindness and I thought she must be an angel. She communicated with me through our thoughts, not by speaking. There was light behind her and I was so drawn to that light that I began floating toward it. She stopped me, put her arms around me which filled me with light and love, and said, 'It is not your time yet. You're going to have to go back.' I knew she meant go back to earth, to my bedroom and my body," added Evelyn.

Evelyn recollected that during her time with the angel, she felt no pain, and was filled with love, joy and light. When Evelyn insisted that she does not want to go back, the angel informed her that she had to do many things back in the physical world.

However, skeptics argue that near-death experience is some kind of trick played by our brain. When our brain fails to obtain enough amount of Oxygen, it tries to adapt itself, and during these times, the victim may see flashes of light, and this may be what they mistake as heaven or hell.