Apple iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xc are expected to come in multiple colour options.
Apple iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xc are expected to come in multiple colour options. Ben Geskin/Twitter screen-shot

Take a deep breath and wait for the storm. What storm? Well, in a few hours Apple's next big event will go live and along with that is coming the end of all speculations. Apple is going to launch its new phone and it will definitely give birth to the debate if it is worth it. Hate it or love it; Apple has always been the one who, takes the industry by storm and sets the tone.

There are some smart guesses running around; bubbling in the rumour mills and it will all be dismissed or confirmed after the event of September 12. Now, enough with the speculations regarding what we might see in the new phone. After rummaging through all the things being said and prophesied, here are the few things that we don't think are really going to be up there on the big screen; no matter how much the community wants them.

  • The new iPhone is not going to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. Apple got rid of the TouchID and is going gung-ho on the FaceID. The chances are bleak that it will sidetrack its premium FaceID technology in the upcoming offerings and go back to the fingerprint-based biometric authentication, even if it doesn't require space on the body. Even Android makers are warming up to facial recognition. So, it is likely that Apple, which actually brought it out in the market, will not let go of it so soon. Apple analyst (read prophet) Ming-Chi Kuo believes it too.
  • Apple may have a lot of things going on in the Mac front; however, don't expect them to showcase it in the upcoming event. This event is going to be around new iPhones, accessories, such as AirPods, and Apple Watches. Apple will probably talk about Mac products in October or November. This time, the money is around the bet that we won't see any new Mac at the event.
  • There has been a major buzz about how Apple is ready to bring out AR (augmented reality) glasses. The company's CEO Tim Cook has also said that AR is "big and profound." This technology will work along smoothly with the phone and would "make the iPhone even more essential," added Apple chief. However, one needs to hold on to his/her horses, as none of the reports suggest that the technology is ready. It's in the pipeline but not ready. Therefore, if the technology does come, it will come sometime in 2019 or 2020.
  • Also, don't expect the famous "one more thing." Steve Jobs may have done it and Cook may have done it once. However, you can't, as they say, reheat the soufflé and Cook is no Jobs. So, it's highly unlikely that "one more thing" will make a comeback.

The keynote presentation is slated to take place at Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park, Cupertino on 12 September. Like previous years, the company has made arrangements to webcast the entire programme so that fans can catch the live action with hand-held smart devices and PCs, for that matter.