DMX Got a Heart Attack After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine? Rapper's Family Clarifies

Rapper DMX suffered a massive heart attack last Friday and was immediately rushed to the hospital where it was revealed the singer was in a 'vegetative state' and on life support. Only close family members were allowed to pay a visit.

As per reports, DMX slipped in to coma after a heart attack due to drug overdose and the internet was swept with rumours a day later claiming the rapper was dead as 'RIP DMX' began trending on Twitter, which turned out to be a false flag.

Rapper DMX
Earl Simmons. Earl Simmons Instagram

The rumours died a natural death after doctors revealed the singer needs to undergo brain tests that would "dictate further decisions to be made by DMX's family."

Now, one of the rapper's close family members revealed that he doubts if DMX suffered a heart attack due to drug overdose and revealed that the singer received Covid-19 vaccine about a week before he got the heart attack.

The family member did not confirm that the vaccine got the singer down but stated that it might have been the cause for his heart attack.

''(DMX) got the vaccine when they opened it up to people over 50. He got it so that he could go travel and perform, stuff like that,'' the family member said in a statement.

He stated that he suspects the vaccine might have caused a negative reaction on the rapper's body leading him to be hospitalized a week later.

''He took that vaccine, and he had a heart attack. I'm not saying the vaccine did it, but he never had a heart attack before,'' the statement read and further stated that his body might have had a "reaction to the vaccine". Also, the name of the vaccine which DMX reportedly took has not been revealed.

The statement also said the family member was "furious" when reports about his drug overdose was all over the news and said if that was indeed true, the doctors would have made it public.

''Everyone keeps saying that (DMX) had a drug overdose. How do they know? I'm in the family and no doctor told me anything about an overdose. Yes he had past issues with drugs. But nobody knows that he had an OD. It's f*****d up that its being reported like that," he said.

Fans and celebrities alike are pouring their well wishes on Twitter praying and hoping that the rapper comes out of his situation and leads a normal healthy life all over again.