DJL Jonathan Lim: Fast Fashion is Killing the Planet

DJL Jonathan Lim

The internet entrepreneur and motivational speaker for his sharp suits and sunny countenance on fast fashion are something we should all hate.

Winner of the Top 100 International Business Style award and a permanent fixture on YouTube, DJL Jonathan Lim is Malaysia's most famous social media influencer. He is also known for his appearances in the public eye – and his excellent taste in fashion.

The DJL Jonathan Lim Wardrobe Staple

What's the one item that this public figure always keeps handing? DJL reckons it's all about the simple things.

"A good tailored black suit and shirt are perfect for any occasion. It's the easiest way to look smart," he told the press recently. Indeed, the black suit is something his 700k Facebook followers have come to associate as synonymous with his name. The black case represents the sophisticated, the successful, and the smart... and fans love it.

What about Fast Fashion?

Although known for his fashionable styles, DJL Jonathan Lim has a fondness for the climate-friendly.

"The figures on how big a fast impact fashion has on climate change are truly shocking. Anyone in the fashion industry should take a hard look at them."

He's not wrong, either. It can take thousands of liters of water to make a single item of clothing, and fabrics like denim take decades to get rid of. The way we churn out masses of clothing that doesn't last longer than a season before it's replacedan immediate needs to change.

How does DJL Jonathan Lim think we should lessen the impact our clothing has on the environment? He has a few tricks up his perfectly tailored sleeve.

Make these Fashion Changes to Help the Environment

Here are DJL Jonathan Lim's top tips on protecting the environment while still loving suave...

1 – Alternative Fibers

They are making some fantastic clothing right now out of bamboo and hemp fibers. Choosing this sustainable alternative to farm methods that produce wool or cotton is better for the environment. Hemp, in particular, is a carbon-negative crop, while bamboo grows like a weed all over the world and at such a rate that it replaces itself quickly.

2 – Thrift Store Shopping

You will find some of the most expensive fashion brands for knock-down prices if you go thrift store shopping. Charity shops, second-hand stores, and swap-meets all provide access to the best styles at the lowest prices. Since you are giving a new life to old clothes, you are helping the planet, too.

3 – Hire a Tailor

Male or female doesn't matter. Hiring a tailor to take in those new (or old) clothes will see your clothing last longer. You can find a suit second-hand that is immaculate but that is ill-fitted on you. Take it to the tailor, and you will have a perfectly fitted suit for a lower price than a new suit of the same ilk. You'll be doing your part for the environment, as well.

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