DJ Omega keeping DJ music alive with his IG live streaming in Lockdown

 DJ Omega

EDM DJs have kicked in the door on the new century, with beautiful sounds and some astonishing sets. The growth of EDM in the last few years has received new legends and helped bring well-established acts to large audiences.

Today we will talk about best in the EDM music buzzing high with his online DJing. Yes, you read it right he can stay away from music— DJ Omega is a new sensation in the DJ world staying in the limelight with his online shows. Many rate him a new legend in the making and best DJ in 2020.

Hailing from Philadelphia staying in LA for his DJing is DJ Omega. With years of experience, this 34-year-old DJ is simply awesome with his music.

DJ Omega worked with top names of his field like Kanye West, Wale, Lil Dicky, Amy Winehouse, Kevin Hart, and Jerry Seinfeld. He appeared as guest DJ on NBC and Revolt live. DJ Omega is in the news for his live streaming in this quarantine period. In his recent IG video, more than 50,000 viewers were living with him in COVID lockdown.

DJ Omega is a jack of all trades producing, directing, and DJing he can do anything, and he is doing all jobs correctly. It has been more than 20 years since he is working on fast music. He has worked with many big names in the past and also been part of the best night clubs. Music was always his first choice, so he continued to work on his dream without thinking about failures and all in life.

Every DJ is unique, but DJ Omega has something refreshing about him which all the gold artists have in them. He knows how to make people dance the whole night with his groovy music.

COVID slowdown everything and it has affected rappers and DJs badly as no parties nothing happening for quite a long time and in particular time things are still not looking good. But keeping all negative stuff away, he is building his new line via an online platform. Keeping his music live and giving his fans some real good time.

DJ Omega has a fantastic team who are enthusiastic like him and helping him grow faster than most in this field. DJ Omega is all set to release a new song EP in a short time.