DJ Devious Remix is making the most out of the COVID-19 crisis to enhance his skills; know more!

DJ Devious Remix

Right after the COVID-19 crisis was declared as a worldwide pandemic, outdoor activities were completely restricted for people's safety measures. And with that, many from the industry, starting from the airlines to restaurants, clubs, and more, saw little to no work coming in.

This crisis massively affected the livelihood of many families whose incomes were dependent on the jobs which are now shut completely.

A lot of people are trying to cope up with the situation by trying to be as productive as they can. Similarly, DJ Devious Remix, a well known hip hop and afrobeat influential DJ who plays at clubs and private parties, is currently utilizing the time to enhance his skills and become a better version of himself.

With over 25 years of experience in his field, DJ Devious Remix is hailed for his ability to remix an original hip-hop song to become a reggae and an afrobeat track to an entirely different tune.

While talking about how the Coronavirus pandemic has been a major setback, DJ Devious Remix shares, "During COVID-19, just like most of the DJ's, I was out of work from the resident Pub Bar I mixed at along with a Brewery, I also mixed at as one of the 3 selected DJ's for silent disco parties. There was so much free time and my time, I could only take advantage of working on my craft and staying focused so I wouldn't get discouraged. I took that opportunity to work on numerous remix blends and mixes. It gave me plenty of time to also work on my digital platforms and connect with many more fans of my work online. Reviewing the analytics from my social media sites and gathering what age group, sex, or countries my fan base was primarily from helping me tremendously. It allowed me to connect with them differently and also gave me an insight into how I can broaden my listeners and platform. To say the least, I was able to channel my energy and downtime to take my talent and audience to the next level".

DJ Devious Remix' commitment is to find more information about the culture behind the different sub-genres of music because he believes that it is a never-ending search, as he looks to create unique and diverse remixes that have never been heard of.

His body of work is influenced by the likes of DJ Premier, Quest Love, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Clue, Gary Vaynerchuck & Timbaland. His goal is to continue to expand his audio worldwide and become a platinum producer.