Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi, the man who brought an impeccable change in the society, here's how!

Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi

One believes in living life to the fullest by enjoying all the luxuries that life gives them. Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi is the man who changed the appearance of Gandhinagar and Gujrat by bringing small yet meaningful changes which have utterly wowed us all.

Just like today's opportunities bring us a brighter future by working on yesterday's failures, Divy too looked at every obstacle as an opportunity to work harder and bring a positive change by working on the present for a bright future.

One of his noteworthy work which has gone well in the pages of history is on International Yoga Day, in the presence of honourable prime minister Narendra Modi and 750 specially abled, a unique program was organized which was in partnership with Ahmedabad District Administration in Summit 1 and in the second summit 8000 unemployment people were provided employment which was truly sheer brilliance.

The program focused on doing silent yoga which was then recognised as a World Record Initiative by World Book of Records. A letter of appreciation too was sent by honourable prime minister Narendra Modi.

The honourable prime minister, being highly impressed with Trivedi's dedication for bringing a positive change, mentioned him in his rally which is highly commendable.

Divy, has dedicated his life to the nation and the people, ensuring that he brings a positive change in the system which has already begun and slowly just like Gandhinagar and Gujrat, our India will shine too.