As divorce rate spikes during coronavirus lockdown, firm in Japan comes up with a novel idea

Russia has put marriages and divorces on hold till June 1

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Quarantine and lockdown have not only resulted in economic meltdown, but also led to a spike in divorce cases as couples spend more time together, most ending up in arguments.

Earlier reports claimed that the divorce rate has gone up considerably in China after the country was put under lockdown.

Russia also announced that no marriage or divorce can be registered till June 1 during the pandemic.

Amid growing incidents of couples sparring in Japan, Tokyo-based firm Kasoku devised a plan to make quarantine a happy time for couples so that they don't consider divorce as an option.

The firm is offering fully furnished apartments for couples, who want to escape the family, or to work in peace. As the term coronavirus divorce is becoming popular, the Japanese firm is trying to get stressed out couples out of homes and providing them an ambience where they can enjoy a holiday-like time during the lockdown.

The apartments are temporary accommodations and are available for $40 per day.

Japan does not have a curfew-like situation, but the government has ordered people to stay home unless going out is necessary for buying grocery or medical purposes. Most people are working from home, leading to discord between family members, especially couples.

The Kasoku currently has 500 units, mainly in central Tokyo. As soon as couples walk in, they are given free consultation for half-an-hour so that they can sort out any problem they might have.

The situation is such that even public broadcaster NHK has dedicated a programme in its breakfast show to give tips on avoiding fights between couples when they are stuck inside the house due to coronavirus.

Japan currently has little representation for women in the political sphere. It ranked 121 out of 153 countries in the World Economic Forum this year in giving representation to women in decision-making.

In Russia, even before the lockdown, at least 60 per cent of couples sought divorce. Considering the lockdown situation, Russia brought in a rule that no couple will be allowed to go for divorce till June 1.

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