Divine Love -The language of God.

Divine love

We all know that love is a power of attraction that unites, binds everyone in this world. Love is inevitable in everyone's life. While it exhibits dual form in this world, so is single when united with God. This is divine love. The source of worldly love is divine love.

The fatherly love has a stain of protection and responsibility and motherly love, though unselfish is soiled with feeling. A love without a taint in expression and emotion is divine love. Love is all pervading; it carries an emotion with expression and moves according to the thoughts.

Divine love is the ultimate way to reach god. Shirdi sai baba said, "I'm always starved of love, whosoever loves me more than himself will get all he wants from me. I will become his slave and serve him to the fullest." The heart that is filled with divine love is assured to receive God. He lives in that heart for eternity. This love is so eternal that it can never be taken away from the heart.

Divine love runs on "I'm in you and you are in me" mode. While realizing god happens internally, divine love is developed externally.

When your soul meets a guru, he develops a love that you have been seeking for incarnations unto him and eventually takes you to the higher realms of consciousness. This is called God's consciousness. That's it. Your love becomes eternal. You become a giver, expecting nothing in return. You are out of resurrection as your heart tested positive in divine love's test.

The love exhibited by my Guru Shirdi Sai Baba glorified my heart and illuminated my soul. He has shown me the greatest lover of the universe and my heart started loving Him as soon as I realized Him. I experienced that God and Love are identical.

A person with divine love can take it for granted that he has received and realized God. Divine love is the language of God and all else is poor communication.