Diverse –The NFT project is set to transform the face of the crypto industry.


It consists of rare crafted lifelike art pieces which promote diversity, equality, and inclusion.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) represent rare digital content which are fueling a new wave in the crypto industry. NFTs are something that provides uniqueness and ownership of a piece of digital art. Although there are a number of NFT projects which are floating around the digital space, one stands out owing to its unique nature - Diverse. The NFT project is all set to make its official debut shortly and investors are eagerly awaiting for its minting date. What makes Diverse different is its unique collection of 5000 lifelike crafted art pieces which promotes diversity as each are of different ethnicity. There are a total of 5 Male and female figures belonging to distinctive creeds, which makes this project stand out.

The makers of Diverse have tried to bring out the beauty of diversity through this project and are very optimistic of reaching their goals. The minting dates are yet to be announced, however, the foremost 20% will be allocated to the community members as they are the ones who lay the strong foundation of the project, hence they will be the preferred choice during the pre-launch. Once a strong community is formed, it would guarantee successful investments and mints. Apart from the pre-launch offer, there are a host of other attractions which will be disclosed on its official launch.

There's an exclusive merchandise specially for Diverse members which would be designed by a top line of fashion designers. Furthermore, there would be exclusive parties and red carpet events, the invitees of which would be Diverse' members. They would get to meet many celebrities, influencers and community members at events hosted by popular singers and DJ's. As the project reaches maturity, land would be purchased in the Metaverse where lots of shows and festivals would be held, similar to the lines of Rufus or Odeza. Diverse is surely going to make a deep impact across the NFT space once it's launched.