Authorities are still searching for body parts and debris
Authorities are still searching for body parts and debris in the Java Sea YouTube grab

A 48-year-old Indonesian diver died while recovering the bodies of Lion Air plane crash victims. An official said on Saturday, November 3 that the deceased diver was part of the search team, which is assigned to recover the debris of jet and dead bodies in the Java Sea.

The commander of the Indonesian navy's Search and Rescue division, Isswarto told AFP the diver, Syachrul Anto was a volunteer with the search and rescue Agency. Reports also stated that it is believed that he died from decompression.

"He was found by the SAR team, fainted. He was treated by our doctors after he regained consciousness, we sent him to the chamber for decompression. We have all the equipment, however, God's will says differently," national search and rescue agency head Muhammad Syaugi said at a press conference.

Earlier, Anto volunteered during Indonesia's devastating earthquake in Palu and tsunami in September 2018. He was also involved in recovering the bodies and debris from an Air Asia plane crash that happened almost four years ago.

The Lion Air crashed into the sea minutes after it took off from Jakarta killing 189 people. On Thursday, November 1, officials recovered the flight data recorder but are still searching for the second black box, the cockpit voice recorder, which could answer the question as to why the brand new Boeing-737 MAX 8 crashed.

As of now almost 73 bags containing body parts have been recovered from the sea and the officials identified only four victims.