Singapore accident
Disturbing content: Watch video here Facebook

An extremely disturbing video was posted on a social media platform on Friday, July 6 that showed a man crushed under his own truck while repairing it.

The video was first uploaded by a person, ‎Dave Chong and later it was shared on a Facebook page called SAFETY FIRST (SINGAPORE) by a user Gary Wu on Saturday night, July 7.

As per the footage, which was captured by a CCTV camera, the horrific incident happened on Thursday, July 5 at around 7.30 pm. The video showed a maroon truck was standing on a roadside and was fully loaded with some materials.

A few seconds later, the footage showed a man came to check some issues with the loaded compartment. It was clear on the video that the loaded section of the truck was lifted high to check the problem. Now these days, the feature, which helps to lift the back side of a vehicle is very common.

IBTimes Singapore believes that man was a driver of the vehicle, who went under the lifted section of his truck while holding some equipment to check the issue. He could be seen in the video peeping down to locate the problem and was sitting under the loaded compartment.

When he was fixing some issue in a particular section, suddenly it released a gas or dirt kind of material and immediately the lifted section fall on the man, who crushed under the section as he failed to escape.

It is possible that he died immediately, due to the pressure of the loaded part of the truck. The video also showed that after that incident the truck released some kind of liquid, which was continuously dripping from the vehicle.

Since the locality looked quite empty, it was difficult to say that whether anyone came to rescue man or not.