Disturbing: TikTok Trends 'National Rape Day' on April 24 Sparking Outrage and Condemnation

Video sharing app TikTok has hundreds of trends and challenges showcasing dance moves and mouthing movie dialogues but a group of six men promoted a disturbing trend calling April 24 'National Rape Day' and called men to carry out sexual acts against women without their consent.

Shockingly, the men also declared that it is legal to carry out sexual assaults on women on April 24 and also provided tips on how to go about while doing the act. The six deranged men are yet to be identified and it is not clear when and where did the trend originate from.

If that wasn't shocking enough, the video also encouraged men to not only rape women but also go ahead and do the acts on children.

Rape representational image
Image for representational purpose only

The video also reached a large number of people on TikTok who were shocked to see it showing up in their algorithm. Many others created videos highlighting the fact that they just saw a video that just declared April 24 as 'National Rape Day' and lashed out against those who went ahead making the vile video putting women's safety in danger.

A user named @sgtjarrett said in a video: "So I literally just saw a video on TikTok, and I had to make a video myself because most of my followers are women and I need to make sure you guys are aware. This is a video going around on TikTok of disgusting men, rapists, child molesters, predators, just disgusting human beings and they literally came up with a date to go around and rape women and children. You literally heard me right: women and children.''

National Rape Day Trend on TikTok
TikTok / Borutouzmakishusband

Several other users created videos using words and lashed out at the National Rape Day trend and asked women to stay safe as there might be few men on the prowl using the video to justify their actions. ''And for any female that sees this please stay safe even if it is a joke be extra careful when you go out,'' said a user named @borutouzmakishusband on TikTok.

Thankfully, after multiple users reported the video for inciting violence and encouraging sexual harassment against women, TikTok took the original video down from its platform.