Distinctive Discussion With Outstanding Personality in Nyc - Aline Hennessy

Aline Hennessy

Aline Hennessy was born in Arlington, grew up in Washington, now in New York City. But at present, she is a famous social media influencer in America. Time has made a big difference, hasn't it?

However, today Aline Hennessy' estimated net worth is $500,000- $800,000. Plus,Aline Hennessy founded "The Brand Hennessy."So, she reached many milestones of her career. Now Aline Hennessy extends her helping hand to the audience who need to boost their brands' customer base. So, visit "The Brand Hennessy" – a style–curated blog arising day by day focusing on fashion as art.

So, Aline Hennessy, we all know you are a popular personality on social media. But according to your real feeling, how do you like to introduce yourself to the world? Today you can take this opportunity to reveal your true feelings.

Simply, I am a passionate social media influencer. But another perspective,Aline Hennessy is an entrepreneur who works hard and seeks opportunities to take them as a challenge. However, I love to introduce myself as a mother of two sons with hazel-colored eyes.

All of your followers and clients know your present. But I know we cannot reach what we want easily, such as preparing instant noodles. What do you think about the journey so far?

As you mentioned, now I live in NYC. I started my work as a social media influencer when I moved to NYC. But before that, I started my career in the fashion industry and worked as a stylist and blogger.

However, I believe that decades of experience helped me reach the present position. I work hard to do my best for my clients who connected with me from The Brand Hennessy. In addition to that, I think I have a long way to go. So, nowadays, I actively associate in the real estate business because I am passionate about discovering new opportunities.

Aline Hennessy, you are an influencer and founder of a fashion and styling blog. Not only that, now you are entering into the real estate industry. So, your client or audience may doubt how you manage these different fields as a woman?

Actually, before doing anything, you should have to gain knowledge. I do not mean that you should learn A to Z regarding a particular field. But you should need some background knowledge before starting it because your knowledge will protect you from strong storms as a pillar.

I studied business and fashion. I travelled to London, Germany, Denmark, Hawaii, and up and down the East and West Coast, and this added much experience and knowledge regarding many fields and industries.

Not only that, I had several certificates related to social media influence. Also, I participated in many conferences and workshops.

However, as a successful businesswoman, what type of advice do you give to other ladies?

Simply, if not today, then when? The only thing you should have is the will and passion. Surely, it empowers you to win the world!