Disney using Deadpool formula for Ryan Reynolds Free Guy movie marketing

Ryan Reynolds has revealed his plans for amping up the marketing and promotions for Free Guy with 'a lot of different, weird viral videos', similar to the Deadpool films

Ryan Reynold's next film Free Guy has already won over the Deadpool audience with its clever PG-13 violence, as shown in the first trailer revealed earlier last week during CCXP Brazil 2019. Though Disney unexpectedly ended up with the 20th Century Fox-made film due to the merger, the Mouse House is still open to marketing it similar to the titles featuring Marvel's Merc with a mouth.

Free guy centres over Reynolds who slowly begins to realize he is a nonplayable character living inside a video game. The film is scheduled to release in the coming Summer and the Deadpool star already has a "lot of different, weird viral videos" in mind to promote the Disney owned film.

Free Guy was a 20th Century Fox made comedy film

Free Guy trailer screenshot
Free Guy movie/Disney Youtube trailer

"A lot of actors say, 'They pay me to do the promotion and the marketing, the acting is free.' For me, it's kind of like, no no, I love the marketing," Reynolds said during Brazil's CCXP convention. "It's a huge part of our job, and it's an important part of our job, and there's nothing that says it can't be creative."

Reynolds shared that he is "coming up with unique ways to present an audience with something that they're excited about already, or getting an audience excited about something," he said. "So Free Guy, we're gonna have a ton of stuff coming up. A lot of different, weird viral videos and bits that I think are gonna be a lot of fun for the audience, and for us to make."

Ryan Reynolds plans on using a lot of different, weird viral videos to promote Free Guy

Deadpool Youtube

With the Deadpool films, the star went above and beyond in doing justice in marketing the film with different style posters and teasers. And now, with Free Guy, Reynolds is adapting some of those elements for the upcoming film's promotions.

Even prior to teasing what's in stake with the film's marketing, Reynolds' earlier teaser for Free Guy was one such weird video that turns into a Home Shopping Network-style commercial. The video quickly goes to Reynolds trying to sell Free Guy merch (limited edition) to be on the good side with Disney. Free Guy hits theatres on July 3, 2020.