Disney Plus reveals reason behind issues with streaming app & promises changes

Disney seems to have worked out the coding errors that led to difficulties in accessing the Disney Plus app

Disney Plus' big launch on November 12 came with a few stumbles as the audience's spike of interest towards the service led to difficulties in using it. Those that downloaded the app reported problems in accessing it from the initial log-in stage. But the Mouse House seems to have already worked out a fix for the glitches.

The launch of Disney Plus was met with an overwhelming response resulting in over 10 million subscribers on Day 1. But the early success also affected user experience with many complaining that even downloading the app wasn't possible.

Disney Plus app issue was the result of coding faults

Recently during the Recode's Code conference on Tuesday, Disney Plus boss Kevin Mayer addressed the issue and confirmed that they were the result of problems in the platform's architecture coding. Fortunately, effective changes are on way in the coming weeks, as told to journalist Peter Kafka.


"Some limits to the architecture that we had in place were made apparent to us," Mayer said. "It had to do with a way we architected a piece of the app." Meyer addressed the massive subscriber signups on Day 1 and said that they "were very surprised by the size and the magnitude".

Disney Plus is fixing the issue

He added, "We never had demand like we saw that day. We ran into issues with the architecture and we're fixing that." Moreover, other new features to improve the user interface will also be introduced like the "Continue Watching" section as requested by fans.

Disney Plus website screenshot
Disney Plus

Mayer also has control over Hulu aside from heading Disney Plus since the Fox acquisition gave the Mouse House ownership over the service. There's no doubt the two services are in some sense reliant on each other to provide its loyal customers the best experience.

Disney has firmly confirmed that its direct-to-consumer platform will remain family-friendly with no 'Adult-only' consumption such as R-rated Marvel films. But titles like Logan and Deadpool are expected to make their way to Hulu at some point.