Disney plus launch could make Netflix lose close to 25% subscribers due to this reason

Disney's reliance on licensed content seems to have backfired in the era of streaming wars

 Disney+ to stream on Amazon Fire TV devices, LG and Samsung smart TVs
The new Disney app on Fire TV can also be accessed by Amazon’s voice assistant device, Alexa. Google/Disney

Netflix seems to be hours away from facing its second-biggest subscriber loss and its monopoly over the streaming market. Unfortunately, the company's slight downfall is due to the rising competition from Disney Plus and its own business model of depending on licensed content.

Disney Plus is officially launching today in the US, Canada and Netherlands providing users over 7,500 TV shows and 500 movies (10x more than Netflix). Though the Mouse house is a long way from covering the global market, a new report suggests it would still, in turn, affect Netflix's subscriber base.

Forbes's recent report reveals that one in four American Netflix subscribers are ready to cancel their subscription when Disney removes its Marvel films from Netflix. Moreover, the media giant owned Marvel Studios has already severed its ties with Netflix as the titles released from 2019 would no longer stream on Netflix.

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As the article sights, it could potentially result in a loss of close to 25% subscribers to Netflix. But so far, the company's content line-ups for November hasn't gotten stronger to face the heat from Disney.

In the past, Netflix has been able to find success with its original shows like Stranger Things. However, the sci-fi horror series' third season didn't help the company in bouncing back from its first subscriber loss in the US. The American video streaming platform continues to rely on streaming licensed content to the point that the company paid a record $100 million to Warner Bros. to extend its contract & use Friends sitcom for 2019.

Unfortunately, one-fifth of all licensed content that Netflix thrives on will be gone by the end. While the company further increases its expenses on original programs, debt piles on with no signs of growth in subscribers.

On the contrary, Disney, as a content creator looks to take the market by large with its original Disney plus limited series like WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Ms Marvel, etc. Furthermore, it also boasts a massive gallery of its own licensed movies.

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