Disgusting: Instagram models make swimsuits out of face masks while thousands can't buy them

The face mask bikini has been christened as ''Quarankinis'', which is a combination of quarantine and bikini.

Making use of the fact that most people in the world are quarantined at home due to the coronavirus outbreak and hooked to their mobile phones and laptops to pass time, Instagram models and influencers have got down to cheap gimmicks just to get all the attention they've been wanting all along. However, some are even turning face masks into bikinis and posting the pictures on their social media handles wearing it, in the race to look different.

The face mask bikini has been christened as ''Quarankinis'', which is a combination of quarantine and bikini. While thousands of people out there are finding it hard to get their hands on a mask, the models are displaying them in a provocative theme just to get likes, comments and followers. If sporting Quarankinis was not enough, few other models wrapped themselves in a two-piece toilet paper hoping to attract more followers with their gimmicks.

Yulia Ushakova Face Mask Bikini Quarankinis
Instagram grab/ Yulia Ushakova

These are the models with face mask bikinis

Model Yulia Ushakova from Russia posted a photo of herself using face masks to cover her intimates and also challenged others to follow the same while being quarantined at home. She captioned the image as, ''I ordered a new trend of the swimming season 2020 on Ali Express. Built-in valves make breathing easier, but needs to be changed every two hours! I don't know if this challenge is already on Instagram, but I like the idea. How about you? And a fun weekend for everyone!''

Another Russian model, Yana Koshinka, posted an image of toilet paper covering her assets and captioned it as, ''Found in the store a little toilet paper. Ready for self-isolation.''

Several models deleted their Quarankinis picture after being slammed by followers

German model Katja uploaded a selfie of herself in a face mask bikini trying to impress her followers and got slammed in the comments and the model ended up deleting the picture. A fan commented, "Unfortunately, due to the lack of aid, I find it inappropriate. Unless they were already used,'' while another commented, "what do you expect from such a mental low flyer?", while one woman described the snaps as "outrageous".

Jade Marie, an Australian model, shared a picture of herself covering up in face masks too and she had to delete the picture as she was slammed by her followers for wasting masks when it is the most required for people. One man replied that the outfit was "a waste to use four masks to one person," while the other commented that ''it is highly inappropriate to use that face mask as a bikini at this time.''

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