Discover How The ANKH Project Aims To Revolutionize The Fashion World


Most people have strong feelings about what they wear in public. However, have you ever considered what you would want your avatar to wear in the metaverse? ANKH is a new generation fashion brand that is revolutionizing the way we think about fashion and bringing it into the digital world.

ANKH works to create clothing items to be worn in a digital environment. Their collections will create a new sphere where our cyber clothing and accessories will help cultivate our virtual identities and self-expressions. "There's nothing more personal than what you wear," said ANKH Fashion Designer Arthur Morisset. "It's the best way to show people who you are from just one glance, and we want that interaction to happen in the metaverse, too." In the past, the fashion world has been hesitant to embrace technology. However, digital options have been evolving in traditional fashion, from virtual fashion shows to 3D models to simulated fitting rooms. ANKH is working to build off of this and establish themselves as a trusted fashion brand. Their first drop is titled "Genesis," a selection of 15 eclectic menswear and unisex silhousttes that experiment with dystopian shapes and incorporate styles from the 70s to Y2K. "Our clothing will be like no one has ever seen before," said ANKH's strategy and marketing officer Valentin Menard. "It will change the face of fashion, both online and in the real world."

Once you buy a clothing item from ANKH, you're accepted into a community that has a variety of perks. The company plans to work with real-life fashion designers to create exclusive collections that can be worn in the real world. They'll be extended to luxury brands and include up and coming designers who are changing the industry. In addition, ANKH is creating a marketplace in the metaverse where you can see and buy their clothing. Everyone who buys from them will get a space where they can display their virtual items. ANKH is offering a Fashion Award to help enable young and talented artists to create their first collection in the metaverse. "Giving back is so important to us," said Antony May, strategy and development executive at ANKH. "We know that the best talent can be found in a variety of new and exciting places."

ANKH is paving the way for a new chapter in fashion history. Fashion evolves constantly, and its introduction to the metaverse is already starting.