'Discount Hunting Karen' Holds up Drive-Thu Line After Told to Pay Full Price [Video]

The woman apparently forgot to mention her coupons while placing the order and became aggressive after being told she was not eligible for the discount.

A video of a woman holding up a line by refusing to pay the full price of the item she bought and arguing with the cashier, has gone viral on the internet. The video showed the fast-food worker standing up to a woman when she asked for an unwarranted discount on the item she bought. The place and time of the incident are not known at the moment. The video was first posted on Reddit 24 hours ago.

The video showed the drive-thru worker refusing to tell his name to the woman. The worker also said that he doesn't care if she filmed the incident. "Do you think I give a f**k about this job? No, I don't! Now get out my drive-thru, you're holding up my line," the worker said.

Screen grab of the video
Screen grab of the video Screen grab - Reddit

'Karen' forgot to mention her discount coupons

The duo argued for a couple more seconds before the woman told the staffer to learn the manner to talk to people. The staffer responded by asking her to move so that others could place their orders.

The argument is said to have started after the woman, only known as 'Karen,' asked for a discount on a food item based on a coupon she had. She, however, forgot to mention the coupon while placing the order. The worker then tried to explain that she is now not eligible for a discount and that she would have to pay the full price.

'You're holding up the line with your old-a** Chrysler'

The woman, after being denied the discount, threatened the staffer that she will send the video to his higher authorities. "I don't give a f**k! You think I give a f**k don't you? But I don't. This job ain't doin' nothing for me. You're holding up the line with your old-a** Chrysler," the staffer responded.

The video was shared on Reddit by the account @u/DrunkMindSoberHeart.