"Discipline, hardwork and consistency are the secret of my success." Says youngest Digital Entrepreneur Vaibhav Viraj

Vaibhav Viraj

While the digital space is booming with the number of internet users, its potential has been realized by the world. After the countries went into lockdown, it became clear that things can come to a halt but not the digital world. People are making their careers out of this growing field and one such name is Vaibhav. He has become one of the most sought after people when it comes to the digital field.

He has always wanted to be his own boss, knowing both the pros and cons of it. "Always striving for more and jumping from easier things to the tougher things is what I can call the reason behind my growth in life," he says.

When asked about his views on the growing potential of the digital space, he says, "Digital space always had the potential. It was always a big thing. If you see, every brand or business entity is on almost every social media platform to connect to the masses. Digital space has made things just a click away and online advertising has become an integral part for many brands to reach a wider audience. The only thing that will sustain in the long run is quality content. Smartphones have already replaced desktops and in the coming time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the next big thing in the digital domain."

His services range from Social Media Marketing to Online Reputation Management and Public Relations. To date, the entrepreneur has helped numerous startups to establish their base in the industry and has helped them grow digitally.

His work mantra is as encouraging as he himself is as a person – convert challenges into opportunities and never say you can't. Because he believes nothing is impossible in this world. Impossible is just a word and our actions are much more than that.

On his concluding note, Mr. Vaibhav was asked to give one advice to future entrepreneurs. He said, "Never say never to risks. The only thing behind my growth as an entrepreneur is the risks I have taken in life. I have realized that if you do not take risks, you won't grow in life. When I say risks, I mean calculated risks. I always make sure to have something to fall back on before I decide to try my hand doing something new. Do what others aren't doing because creating your own niche in the market will give you an identity that will make you distinct from others."

Life without social media in today's time is like a human body without a soul. It has grabbed everyone's attention and has become an important aspect of digital marketing. With multiple benefits, social media has the immense power to reach millions of consumers across the globe. Delhi-based entrepreneur Vaibhav Viraj believes that businesses can flourish if the right marketing strategies are executed. Having served more than 500 clients all over the world, the 20-year old entrepreneur has given brands a new meaning in the digital domain.

The young and dynamic guy is the CEO and Founder of VRJ MEDIA, a 360-degree company specialized in public relations, social media, online reputation, and digital marketing services. Sharing his views on why social media marketing is the part and parcel of every business, Vaibhav made many interesting revelations. The first and foremost thing according to him is that social media marketing increases brand awareness and improves brand visibility over the internet. He says that having a social media page for any brand is a must as it can help in building a business in no time.

Another important aspect of using an effective social media marketing strategy is to engage with users. Furthermore, the digital expert explained that having a website holds great importance for a brand. He added, "Social media marketing can help to increase your website traffic. By sharing the content on social media, you can redirect the audience to the website to generate higher traffic."

The entrepreneur who started his career as an influencer is a past master in YouTube marketing, SEO ranking, and website and app development. Sharing his final thoughts, the expert stated that businesses and startups have made their visibility on social media and have seen growth by 53% in the last year. Currently, the talented marketer is bringing various people from different backgrounds together in the same field of digital media and is promoting their best works on the internet.

Vaibhav holds great expertise in online branding, YouTube, building google presence, Public Relations, and anything and everything related to the digital medium. The entrepreneur who has helped several startups to grow has a few tips for brands and influencers through which they can grow digitally. Never compromise with your content: The kind of content you create is the first thing the end-user notices about you or your brand. If you are handling a brand or are an influencer, always remember that content is the king. Make sure to create relevant content for the audience which will automatically encourage good engagement and generate new leads.