Disbanded I.O.I. group member Yoojung spotted shovelling snow outside her uncle's restaurant

Yoojung is having a great time these days that is keeping her occupied.

Yoojung is running busy these days. Pinterest

Fans are desperately waiting to see their favourite Yoojung to make a debut with her new girl group. But for now, the singer is keeping herself busy with different work and activities that is making headlines.

Yoojung turned heads when she was found indulging in activities that are unconventional for an idol and popular performer like her. She has been spotted doing many regular activities and her new responsible avatar has been receiving open heart appreciation.

Yoojung however, has been keeping herself extremely busy and was also spotted working at her uncle's chicken restaurant last month. It was also reported that the customers mentioned that Yoojung even made the rice balls and was personally waiting tables. Not only that, Yoojung was shovelling the snow outside the restaurant to help her uncle.

Yoojung was also seen having a great time hanging out with her disbanded girl group I.O.I. members, Kim Chung-ha and Jung Chae-yeon. Yoojung joined the two girls after their final concert and the three girls were spotted having a nice time. The trio even took pictures with some of their fans who saw the girls hanging out.

Though I.O.I. have disbanded and is over as an group but its members still share a strong bond and good rapport. The members are so connected that Sejeong even have promised that all the members of the group will reunite in another five years.

This article was first published on February 7, 2017