Disbanded 2NE1 member Park Bom opts to continue as a professional singer

Park Bom answers a fan's desperation by answering that she will continue singing.

Park Bom
Park Bom promises to continue as a singer. Pinterest

Park Bom has given her word of assurance that she will continue singing and be a professional singer. In a recent update on social media the South Korean singer confirmed that she will not give up on her professional singing career.

The singer made an update on Instagram and Twitter. Her fans have been constantly tweeting messages of their support and concern, hoping to see the singer on stage sometime soon. Bom however delivered her confirmed answer while she responded to a desperate fan's question on Twitter.

When a curious fan asked Bom whether she is a A) Professional Singer, B) YG employee/volunteer, or C) Still deciding.

Bom answered that she is a professional singer choosing the first option. Bom also went onto Instagram with an extremely cute drawing depicting her fans requesting the now-disbanded 2NE1 member to kindly continue singing. The picture was heaved up with an overwhelming response from her fans.

It was shocking moment back on November 24 when the band 2NE1 officially announced the news of group's disbanding. The consecutive press statement released by YG Entertainment read: "As of May 2016, 2NE1's exclusive contract with YG was over and, seeing as Minzy was no longer able to continue with the group, YG, along with the members, have decided to officially disband 2NE1 after many discussions.As 2NE1 has been the representing girl group of YG for the last 7 years, we cannot express how sad we are, however we have decided that it would be too hard for them to stay as a group. Rather than waiting on the 2NE1's uncertain return as a group, YG has decided to focus on the members' solo careers. "

After the news of disintegration the entertainment agency managed to score back some singers by making them re-sign the contract as solo singers. CL (real name Chaelin Lee) and Sandara Park, also known by her stage name Dara, re-signed the solo contracts but there was no news of Park Bom signing any contract and sticking back with the label.

After the long silence, the positive response of Bom to continue as a professional singer is promising as her fans are looking forward for more amazing music.

This article was first published on December 28, 2016