Director Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee part ways 'for actress's career'

Hong Sang Soo has dropped down actress Kim Min Hee from his next movie.

Actress Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo have called it quits. The pair is not dating anymore, and the director and the popular actress are reportedly avoiding each other for the past few months.

The news of the couple's break-up came to light after World Today did an exclusive story on the director-actress relationship. As per the media outlet, The Handmaiden actress and Sang Soo mutually decided to part ways "following the news of Hee's comeback to the movie world". An acquaintance of the two added: "Director Hong is currently preparing to film a movie in America. At least until two months ago, he and Kim Min Hee were exchanging phone calls."

However, the unnamed source further revealed that the two were not dating, but were close friends: "What you know of the two so far is not true. They were not lovers, but they were two film people who shared a friendship. They did not have a secret marriage or an extramarital affair. Kim Min Hee looked after Director Hong, who had left his home, and they simply became friends. They were not in a romantic relationship."

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that the Hill of Freedom director has dropped down his rumoured lady love from his next movie, and is currently looking for a female lead. However, the director's upcoming project has not been revealed yet.