Dingtone Provides Second Phone Number in India as a Solid Cybersecurity Solution

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First launched in 2012, Dingtone is a free texting and calling app that allows users to call, send text messages, share pictures, videos and many more with other Dingtone users. The best part is that these can all be done free of cost.

The app also allows international texts and calls with over 200 countries at a considerably low rate. In addition, users can get international phone numbers as a second phone number registered on their device. This helps largely in work and growing businesses.

Through its various powerful features, Dingtone provides second phone numbers for privacy protection and helps disable ad tracking as well as online monitoring for Indian users.

The speciality of the Dingtone app is its reliability as a phone service provider. Besides allowing people to stay connected worldwide, the app also ensures their network is protected and secure with its excellent encryption policies.
Reasons that Make Dingtone a Powerful App for Data Protection

Given the current circumstances of a technologically advanced world, there are several disadvantages that come along with a good networking system. The biggest form of this is issues of data protection.

Some fundamental data security requirements like confidentiality and integrity are often breached. Privacy of sensitive data is misused and corrupted through several unauthorised or scam links.

As a result, netizens are repeatedly warned to be very careful with their data on their devices and on the internet. They should know the tactics of securing data and always remain aware of corruption. Therefore, to use the correct and reliable platform, it is first necessary that users attain a deeper understanding of how to deal with cyber crimes.

"Dingtone is a reliable phone service provider that assures solid privacy protection solutions for users. The app's calling and texting features are, in fact, quite revolutionary in the current era. We integrate core features with data encryption which ensures users can communicate privately and safely," said Tiger Liu, Vice President of Product at Dingtone.

"Moreover, second phone number prevents monitoring and advertising tracking by tech giants, which is a widespread occurrence in today's digital era. Users can therefore stay away from cyber scams, fraudulent links, or spam calls," he added.

Some other reasons why using a "Dingtone" on Dingtone is effective in the long term are as follows:

  • A second phone number allows users to register on diverse business platforms from the same device. This helps in preventing data breaches and misuse of their personal information.
  • Users can easily create a divide between personal and work life through two phone numbers. This helps strike a healthy balance while staying alert to potential frauds and scams since contact numbers are separated.
  • On top of these, the app is free and charges no fees for calling or texting other Dingtone users.

Crucial Cybersecurity Steps to Follow

With regards to incessant cybercrimes in today's world, users are advised to take major cyber security tips. While handling data on their device, it is a necessity that cyber security steps are followed to avoid network hacks, information breaches, illegal access to confidential data, etc. These may lead to a severe loss of important files and even bankruptcy.

Some major cyber security tips that Indians can follow on their devices in order to avoid cyber crimes are as follows:

  • Always use strong passwords with a good combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • It is good to use a password manager tool to store and manage passwords.
  • Think before clicking on a link. Wrong clicks on scam links can lead to virus attacks on your device or, even worse, a network hack.
  • It is good to avoid unnecessary downloads from unknown websites. These links redirect to other websites, which often cause virus attacks.
  • Try using a two-step authentication method for every online account you create and log into.
  • Keep a regular backup of your data on the device you use. This way, it secures it from losing data in case of a hack.
  • Lastly, always use an anti-virus system to scan your device and protect it from cybercrimes.

Dingtone's privacy settings and supreme encryption ensure all these necessities are met. Moreover, the app takes privacy seriously and protects personal information all the time.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to get a second phone number on your device with added security, Dingtone provides the best value. The free text app is also free of charge when registering a second phone number.

This article was first published on July 11, 2022