Dineline's New Approach to Restaurant Growth Changes Everything

Brett Linkletter

All too often, restaurants use a one-dimensional approach when it comes to customer engagement. They greet customers as they walk into the door and either seat them at their table before taking an order or introduce themselves with what's on offer. It doesn't go much further than this for many restaurant businesses, which is why many find it challenging to grow their customer base.

In the fiercely competitive and ever-changing landscape of the restaurant industry, restaurant owners are now being faced with the decision to evolve beyond this one-dimensional approach and more towards customer engagement outside of the restaurant experience alone, in order to increase sales and achieve overall growth.

Dineline has revealed a powerful new restaurant growth model focused on customer engagement. To date, they have helped 1,000+ restaurant concepts exceed their best sales months ever by redefining how owners approach growing their business.

Manage and connect with guests

All restaurant businesses should aim to ensure customers feel valued and cared for while continuing to build and nurture the relationship so they turn into repeat and loyal customers.

Dineline leverage omni-channel CRM tools to help restaurant owners manage and connect with guests using the best technology available on the channels their guests are on, while automating 1-1 conversations.

Brett Linkletter, CEO and co-founder of Dineline shares "we are the all-in-one growth solution. We offer a guarantee of success, an experienced track record, and are the only agency and software hybrid company servicing this niche."

Results-driven marketing solutions

Since smartphones have become mainstream in the recent decades, staying connected with customers is easier than ever, and is a crucial component when it comes to building trust with customers. Here are 4 ways in which Dineline helps their clients achieve significant growth when it comes to sales, and customer acquisition, and retention.

Advanced omni-channel marketing
1 Inbox to manage incoming messages on SMS, email, messenger, G-chat, and more.

Missed call SMS follow up
If any call is missed, Dineline sends a follow up text message to the customer.

Digital coupon marketing platform
Capture leads. Create, send, and redeem digital coupons.

Feedback surveys and review generation
Collect customer feedback and drive online reviews.

With the help of Dineline, integrating into various digital channels turns restaurants into relationship-building, sales generating machines.

A system built for restaurant growth, not a marketing plan

The problem with most restaurant businesses is that they don't have a system for growth. Although Linkletter initially began catering to all markets in 2015 when he launched Misfit Media, he then narrowed his focus to the restaurant niche, which led him to re-branding under the name Dineline in 2021.

Linkletter explains "this isn't a marketing plan, it's a system built for restaurant growth and it has worked in all sorts of demographics. If there is a potential customer base in your area, this program will get them in the door, keep them coming back, and show that it's working."

Dineline is an all-in-one growth solution, helping restaurant owners turn conversations into conversions, capture leads easily, automate customer service, and exceed overall customer expectations.