Digital Marketing Expert Manick Bhan on the Top Four Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Manick Bhan

Author and tech entrepreneur Manick Bhan shares his top tips to drive more traffic to your website and convert those visitors into revenue.

In our never-ending quest to find experts that provide actionable advice, we met digital expert Manick Bhan. This digital marketing agency founder provides enterprise brands and agencies with turn-key SEO solutions they need to grow and scale faster.

Bhan's work as a digital marketing expert and data scientist has shown the world that SEO is more relevant than ever and increasingly important to digital success. Using his understanding of programming languages, SEO techniques, and search engine technology, Manick guides clients towards better Google rankings, increased organic leads, and improved sales and revenue.

As the founder and CTO of LinkGraph, full-service digital marketing, and SEO firm, Bhan introduced several technological innovations using AI that helped shape the firm's enterprise software suite, SearchAtlas. This New Yorker has paired first-class strategies with cutting-edge software to help over 500+ brands across every industry increase their online visibility.

According to the corporate founder, SEO is still one of the most effective and highest ROI growth strategies. Developing a website that utilizes on-page and off-page SEO best practices allows you to rank for valuable keywords in your industry, meaning more potential customers browsing your website content.

"SEO expands your reach, brings value to your audience, and keeps your name at the top of Search Engine Results Pages," Mr. Bhan said.

For companies who want to improve their SEO, Bhan has three suggestions.

  • Focus on Keyword Research as the backbone of your strategy. "If you're not targeting the right keywords that will drive qualified traffic and that you are likely to rank for, then your efforts will be wasted. Use a tool like LinkGraph's SearchAtlas Keyword Research Tool to create a foundational keyword strategy that will guide the rest of your SEO practices," says Bhan.
  • Building relevant backlinks. "Nothing will grow your site's traffic as quickly and effectively as building relevant backlinks. There are different ways to go about this, but guest posting and securing contributorship opportunities are two of the most effective ways. Reach out to publications in your industry who you know you can provide a lot of value to by authoring a piece of content and make sure to link back to your website."
  • Don't neglect the technical aspects of SEO. "Unless you have the time to truly become an SEO expert, I highly recommend working with a reputable agency that has a solid web development background. Your site is likely going to need page speed optimizations and other technical updates to signal to Google that you take web experience seriously. The better your site, the better you'll rank in the search results," says Bhan.
  • Use the right tools. "You'll want to choose an SEO software tool that allows you to do keyword research, content optimization, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, audit your site and more. Look for tools that are intuitive to use and that provide a clear picture of how your site improves over time. I created SearchAtlas because I needed an SEO tool focused on actionable insights."

You're unlikely to get overnight results, but the great thing about SEO is that it's earned, not bought. "Paid ads are like renting a house while SEO is like buying a house. As soon as you stop paying for those ads, they go away but with SEO your rankings will continue to grow if you keep at it and they'll never just disappear if you stop. For long term success, organic is the way to go," says Bhan.