Digital Geek Ashish Bansal Talks About Digitisation and The Importance of Social Media In Today's World

Ashish Bansal

This pandemic has brought about many changes in the way things and people used to function. The digital industry has not been left untouched in this changing scenario. Ashish Bansal is someone who has always been interested in learning new things. He has been in this industry for years now growing his expertise every day.

Starting off his career at a very young age, he soon realized how the market functions. Since then he has been working hard and maybe that is the reason why he now runs his own digital media agency called Born Social. Being a very ambitious person and someone who always wanted to be self-made, it just paved the way to building something of his own. Even though he had the option of joining the family business, it was his dream to become self-independent that made him carve his own career.

According to Bansal, digitization was an option earlier, but this pandemic has made it a necessity now. With countries being under lockdown and people staying indoors, social media has been the primary option to reach the audience. The young entrepreneur has been working with people all around the globe. Hence, he understands what helps in growing a brand or a person digitally.

Talking about this lockdown, Bansal says, "With people staying indoors in this pandemic, social media has undoubtedly become the best way to reach them. Everyone wants to grow their digital presence these days and we are currently seeing a new phase of the digital world which is only growing bigger with each passing day."

From entertainment to politics and business, he has worked with clients ranging from different sectors. Bansal never wanted to limit himself and that is why he has not chosen a niche for his agency. He believes that his growing knowledge from a young age and his perseverance is something that has helped him reach where he is in his life today.

As a parting note, the young man gave a piece of advice which probably everyone should stick to: You need to be updated with the changes happening around, especially in your field, otherwise, you would be out of the game in no time.