Digital Entrepreneur by choice, Moonis Ali proves that making millions is not as difficult as we were told

Moonis Ali

Coming from a non-business background, Moonis faced a lot of challenges in which finances were a major concern in shaping his career. Moonis Ali is a successful eCommerce Entrepreneur and the founder of EcomX University. He is the best eCommerce trainer in India with vast experience and proven results. He has trained thousands of students in becoming online millionaires with his eCommerce expertise.

As he got graduated, his thought of taking up a full time profession has lit up. He started Animus Digital Media & Marketing, which changed the scene of branding & marketing in Bhopal. He's worked with the most renowned entrepreneurs & brands to get a strong digital presence. However, the client tantrums started frustrating him.

After a series of failures, investing all his savings, with just Rs 131 Left in his bank account and a 70,000 negative Credit Card bill, he transformed his business and created multiple Million Dollar eCommerce stores. He Loves eCommerce & Dropshipping So Much that he is the first Indian guy to record a Music Video on his eCommerce Journey called Ecom Rap - Moonis Ali.

Moonis says, "My dreams were way bigger than my failures. I was hungry to gain financial freedom. I still remember having goosebumps the first time I ever tasted eCom success. Online money making isn't a scam."

Moonis did not want his students to face challenges due to lacking the right mentor at the right time. He has decided to tune students & their energies into the right path, helping them earn financial freedom in just a few days of perusing his courses. Moonis Ali is set on a mission to help 1000 students become online Millionaires with his techniques and tips.

Moonis says, "I along with my cousin used to hang boards and posters on the Street Lights during the nights and I used to give part-time lectures on digital marketing in the day time which used to fetch me ₹7200 for 8hr lectures for 2 days."

He started talking loudly about his journey of failure that led to his success. By this, he proves that making millions is not as difficult as we were told. Many of Ali's students now make in millions & that proves his excellency in the field of e-Com entrepreneurship. With his success talking in numbers, as a Keynote speaker Moonis has spoken at a number of events at several places.