Diego Granese: Transfer Leader In Dubai!

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Diego Granese

Diego Granese is an Italian Entrepreneur who became famous for his brands (such as Aviva Wines) and for participating in numerous TV programmes and reality shows in Italy.

After launching numerous companies in Italy that have become famous worldwide, such as "El Original" which distributes very famous brands such as "Aviva Wines" (the first coloured sparkling wines in the world) and "AuVodka" (the most famous English coloured vodka in the world) or "Fitup Europe" a chain of gyms famous throughout Europe, in 2016 he launched his own company in Dubai, the "Billionaire Group" a consultancy company that deals with opening companies in the United Arab Emirates and obtaining residence visas for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Diego Granese is now a leader in the relocation of Italians to Dubai but also wants to expand to other countries. He has lived in Dubai for many years and has relocated more than 400 companies and entrepreneurs.

Diego Granese also boasts a partnership with Khaby Lame with whom he launched the world's most famous Influencer store the Khaby Shop.

If you need to defiscalise and want to open your company in Dubai where there is no corporate or personal taxation, turning to Diego Granese and the Billionaire Group may be the best choice for you


This article was first published on December 22, 2022