Did WWE wrestler Sasha Banks mock Universal Champion Seth Rollins with a similar tweet?

Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks. Twitter

WWE female professional wrestler Sasha Banks took to Twitter and posted an identical to a tweet of WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The wrestler took to Twitter and posted earlier about his Universal Championship match between the 33-year-old wrestler and Rey Mysterio.

The tweet of the 27-year-old wrestler was a total copy-paste of Rollins with only just the picture being different. It can probably indicate that the female wrestler mocked the champion as his fiance Becky Lynch who is one of the biggest rivals of the female wrestler.

The tweet can also be shared to probably make a mockery of her long-time rival Alexa Bliss against whom Sasha is slated to go in for a singles fight on September 30 at the season premiere of RAW.

In the tweet that Rollins shared he mentioned that the 33-year-old wrestler is looking forward to his fight against Rey Mysterio for his entire life.

He further mentioned that the fact that he is defending his championship against Mysterio is something big for him and will give his best shot against one of the greatest ever in wrestling.

"This is a match I've been looking forward to my entire life. The fact that I'm defending the Universal Title on the #RAWSeason Premiere against Rey Mysterio in 2019 is mind boggling. Even 6 days out from #HIAC& WWEBrayWyatt, I'll empty the tank for one of the greatest ever," his tweet read.

Sasha Banks tweeted with the same caption as reported by Sportskeeda just changing the name of Rey Mysterio with her long-time rival and Women's Tag Team champion Alexa Bliss.

The fans are expecting an entertaining premiere of RAW this season with Rey Mysterio featuring on the opening day against Rollins. It will be a blinder of a fight between the two and the fans will be eager to see who turns out as the winner.

On the other hand, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss who have been involved in issues behind the scenes will not let each other win easily and it will be a treat to watch for the fans.

This article was first published on September 27, 2019