Did US students sing the Indian national anthem for sending Hydroxychloroquine? Here is the truth

A video of students of the US singing Indian national anthem thanking the country for supplying Hydroxychloroquine is going viral on social media, here is why it is a fake claim

A video of foreigners singing the Indian National anthem is going viral with the caption: 'put together by USA students to Thank India for the supply of Hydroxichloriquin. Here is the truth about the claim.

The video as it claims is of students in the US singing the Indian national anthem 'Jan Gan Man'. But the second part of the claim that it is the US students thanking India for supplying Hydroxichloriquin on America's demand is fake.

Fact check

US students singing Indian national anthem
Youtube videograb

A fact check by Boomlive shows that this video was posted on YouTube three years ago. The video has nothing to do with coronavirus or Hydroxichloriquin. It was posted by Anisha Dixit on YouTube on her page Rickshawali.

She explained in the description that it was indeed US students singing the Indian national anthem. The video was uploaded on August 13, 2017, ahead of India's independence Day celebration on August 15. Her description states: "Ricksters ! Happy Independence Day. On the occasion of our 71st Independence day, I wanted to celebrate global freedom and diversity. Unity and diversity is what India is all about and so is this video. Please stand up and let's celebrate different people from the world singing THE INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM. SHARE if you are a Proud Indian!"

Further, she also thanked fellow YouTuber Antareep Hazarika for composing the music. Thus the video that was posted three years ago is being used to spread fake news about the US thanking Indian for Hydroxychloroquine.

It can be noted that the US, soon after its President Donald Trump claimed that hydroxychloroquine was effective against coronavirus and lobbied for using the drug (even before it was tested and approved by the authorities concerned) had demanded huge quantity of the anti-malarial medicine from India.

India is the largest supplier of hydroxychloroquine

However, India, being the largest supplier of hydroxychloroquine, had in March banned the exports of 16 drugs, including hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol. When India communicated the same to the US, it threatened India with dire consequences if the supply is not made. Shortly, Indian PM after a meeting announced that India has relaxed the export rules and supplied hydroxychloroquine to the US.

Earlier too in 2019, a video of the US Army playing the Indian National Anthem during Howdy Modi event went viral. But in fact, though the US Army playing the national anthem of India was true, it was a clip from a joint military training exercise, Yudh Abhyas, between India and US and had nothing to do with Howdy Modi event.

Example of spreading fake news:

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